A plethora of postmodern pundits

Imagine you’re standing on a beach. The tide comes in washing over your bare feet. The water is cold and it crickles as it leaves. Your feet shift a few inches down as the sand is washed out from under them. Your dark-colored t-shirt warms up as you stand in the beating sun, and you feel your skins growing tighter as it tans.Now imagine you’re out by your mailbox at your house. A simple, routine task of checking the mail. A bird sings, a wasp flying by causes you to swat and run a bit. As you stand there on the walk, absently sorting your junk mail, you feel the same sensation as above. Water washing over your feet. Cold, wet. Your feelings are not quite the same in this context, are they? You would immediately look down and around in confusion, looking for its source. If you were to see the whole neighborhood in several inches of water, you would probably (rightly) suspect something was seriously wrong. If the water continued to rise, you’d take steps, wouldn’t you?

Such is the situation of the church in America today. It believes that the water lapping at its knees is routine and expected. Unfortunately, it’s not at the beach. It has not awakened yet that the tide coming in is different than before. This water is in the wrong place.

The church still thinks it’s in the modern era and is continuing to function as if that were the case. But it’s time to wake up and take steps before we drown in irrelevance. It’s not that our methods can simply be adjusted. It’s not that our doctrines are under attack. The way we have viewed the world for 500 years has slowly been washed away, like sand under our feet. Yet we have clung to our sand castles, hoping that they will remain.

It’s time for a worldview adjustment and re-education.

I hope ignorantprotestant can assist you with that process of discovery.

We will be providing you with source material to educate yourself, to learn and equip yourself, for the exciting journey and adventure of living as Christ’s ambassadors in a new world. Are you ready? Because that world is already here.

If you want a great read on a introductory article on modernism vs. postmodernism, go here.

2 Responses to “A plethora of postmodern pundits”

  1. Kristy H May 19, 2006 at 10:41 pm #

    Wow! I think I need to go read that again and I still might not have a good reply. Thanks for making me think…cool new blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jeff May 20, 2006 at 11:23 pm #

    Kristy… Thanks for the comment! We’re excited about this blog and the opportunity to learn together about our ancient faith. The guys who will be co-authoring this blog will have a lot to contribute. Please be praying for those who God will bring on board here!